Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 6

Well, more of the same this week, I feel a little yucky, not enough to complain about, but just enough to annoy me.
The rash is pretty random, like I will just start itching in random spots and then it goes away.
I have kept steroid cream handy for this, please visit your dermatologist up front and get ahead of your symptoms.
The inside of my nose is raw and blowing is painful.
Also, my energy level is not what it used to be, I am fatigued way more easily.

Week 5

Since I have been home from Arizona my symptoms have changed a little, I am not wildly nauseous, but just a little queasy everyday, not enough to cause huge problems, but enough that I don't feel 100% ever.

But huge news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got my 4 week virus numbers back and they went from 3,300,000 to ZERO
Can you believe that, I got the text last night.....WAHOOOO

So of course I wanted to know what this meant for the remainder of my treatment.. I was told if my numbers were still below 1000 on week 12, we would be stopping treatment at 24 weeks...yipee!!!!

Week 4

I went to Arizona this week to see my family.....
I have news...
So I was on a different time zone, instead of taking my pills at 7-3-11, i was now at 5-1-9
the 5 am one is the one that messed me up, I would have to wake up at 5 AM and take my meds, but I wasn't eating with that one, just rolled over swallowed w water and went back to bed........
I would love to tell you how bad the headache was that I had for 3 days, it was so horrific, I was vomiting and nearly could not fly home.....

Week 3

This week was pretty much the same as week 2, not much to report

Week 2

I took my shot Sunday night and cried a little bit, I was not looking forward to feeling awful every week...I know they told me this, but when you are NEVER sick....its hard to imagine.
So I woke up Monday morning and laid in bed for a while just to see how I felt....
Not nauseous...not dizzy...not achy....hmmmmm
So all day, I kept waiting for it to begin.....but...nothing
I was fine, no symptoms...yayayayayayayayayyy!
The rest of this week was amazing!!!!

Week 1

I decided to start on a Sunday, if I was going to be ill it was not going to be on the weekend, I also have a bit of luxury of dictating my schedule, so this worked for me.
My first week was awful!!!! I felt lousy, dizzy, nauseous, achy, feverish, all of the symptoms....I had them.
I was glad when Wednesday rolled around and I felt better, but soon depression set in, when i thought about the fact that I was going to feel like that for nearly a year, my mind could not comprehend it. I headed into the next Sunday with fear and trepidation, I really was upset and sad and scared......

The beginning

Hey everyone,
I am hopeful that this will become a forum for everyone to share their results and successes.
Like all of you, I waited patiently for this protocol to be released and began in June 2010.

My first week on the protocol was a bit rough as I was dealing with a broken arm also, so I wasn't feeling 100% to begin with.
I want to start by telling you I have type 1 and was not symptomatic at all, so to begin a treatment that was going to make me feel bad was a bit unimaginable.

But like you, I'm sure, I was anxious to get this over with, so I began...